Transitioning from puree to finger foods

boob to food spoon feeding baby romper bib

Transitioning from purée
What you may have been told is that if you’re feeding baby purée and wanting to transition to more solid food/finger food that you should start leaving the purée a little chunkier and gradually increase the chunks until it’s more solid.
However, this poses more of a risk of aspiration/gagging than you may think. Baby will continue to ‘slurp’ the spoon fed food, alike how they feed at the breast or bottle, this can cause the food to fly back to their airway and cause more gagging/aspiration.
The best thing to do when wanting to introduce more chunky foods is to introduce some very soft finger foods at the beginning of the meal, when baby is most interested and engaged, and then you can offer spoon feeding as well if you like along side it - you can increase the thickness of the purée to a more soup like consistency. Some good foods to start with are very ripe avocado, or my coconut banana custards, steamed sweet potato or butternut pumpkin!