Liver Meatballs

Lets face it, we all know we should be eating liver, but sometimes the thought of eating it, or getting your kids to eat it is daunting. Liver is natures BEST superfood, and one of the most nutritious foods available. It is high in bioavailable iron, B vitamins, vitamin A and so much more. It boosts immune system, improves digestion, is a great source of protein and is great for energy!

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First food pancakes

Baby friendly pancakes! 
Gluten free, grain free, dairy free and sugar free - but still nutrient dense, tasty and easy for little (or big) fingers! Not very sweet - which is good for babies as we don’t want their pallet to get too used to sweet foods and favour those into adulthood :)

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Chia Pudding

I absolutely love chia pudding for breakfast - especially in summer ☀️ it’s filling, nutritious, made the night before and easily portable! Perfect for toddlers or school kids in their lunchbox.. and also perfect first food for your baby - appropriate from 6 months.

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