For my last post for #worldbreastfeedingweek I wanted to discuss formula - because reality is that in Australia 92% of women begin breastfeeding however by 3 months only 33% are still breastfeeding exclusively. - unfortunately I am sure I can anecdotally say that majority of the mothers that switched to formula did so out of necessity - necessity for their baby or necessity for their mental health - sadly we lack the ‘village’ we all need, we have support services that are amazing like the ABA, IBCLC - however what we lack is that day to day, night to night support to allow the mothers only priority to be breastfeeding and not all the rest we have to deal with!
That being said, there’s not a lot of information out there on what to look for when buying formula, or what to watch out for, and what supplements to add to enrich the formula to maximise its nutrient potential.
Remember that donor breastmilk is another great option which I have a previous post on.
Many women tend to purchase what the hospital provides thinking it must be best, however the hospitals formula is sponsored by that formula company - so it doesn’t mean it’s the best ;)
1. Buy organic if possible
2. Avoid corn syrup as an ingredient
3. Avoid palm oil
4. Avoid soy based formulas
5. In an ideal world look for no preservatives however most do contain them.
6. The brands I generally recommend as best on the market that I can find are Hipp or Holle. I was approached by another company stating they were the lead in natural formulas however I’m waiting for the ingredients list!
Under the guidance of a naturopath or nutritionist for a formula fed baby (I supplement my breastfed babies with omega 3 and d3 also) I would supplement with:
1. probiotics - even if the formula contains probiotics they are generally shelf stable so the quality can not be relied on.
2. a quality DHA omega 3 - formula may lost this as an Ingredient however it is fat soluble meaning it needs to be in a fat to be converted - an example of this is cod liver oil.
3. Vitamin D3 - again, fat soluble.
Info derived from the @ohbabynutritionacademy ❤️