Immune boosting gummies

immune gummies

More immune boosting gummies to protect you and your babies through winter! 
Gelatin helps to line your digestive tract and promote better digestion, ginger and turmeric have immune boosting qualities and are natural anti inflammatories & orange, lemon juice and Camu Camu provide a hit of vitamin c 🍊 
This recipe is suitable for 6 month olds, although I’d recommend swapping the orange juice for something without citrus (as citrus can cause nappy rash/inflamed skin) such as coconut water or carrot juice. Also omit the honey for <12 months - it tastes nice without it!

1inch fresh ginger chopped 
1/2 inch fresh turmeric chopped (can use 1 tsp powdered if you can’t get fresh)
100ml water
2-3 TBSP honey 
300ml cold pressed orange juice 
1/2 lemon
5 TBSP gelatin I use @nutraorganics 
Optional: 1 TBSP Camu Camu or I used @teresacutter_healthychef immune support powder which contains Camu Camu and lots of other goodies!

1. Place ginger, turmeric and water in saucepan and bring to boil, then turn down to simmer for 5 minutes until aromatic
2. Add honey if using and stir to dissolve 
3. Remove ginger and turmeric pieces
4. Add orange and lemon juice 
5. Sprinkle on gelatin and leave for a couple of minutes to ‘bloom’ (go wrinkly and absorb the liquid) if it doesn’t do this it’s ok ;)
6. Add Camu Camu or immune powder or can use 1 tsp vitamin c powder 
7. Place saucepan back onto low heat and stir until gelatin is dissolved and it looks like liquid again
8. Pour into moulds or for smaller babies you can pour into a Tupperware container (and later cut into finger shaped pieces).

9. Place in fridge until set and enjoy! Will last about 3 days in fridge ❤️❤️

* tip - If you always spill your gummies trying to transfer to the fridge just leave them on the bench for half a hour and they will semi set! Easier to transfer 🙌🏼

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