'Fat bomb' smoothies

With the leftover avocados from flo’s first foods we have also been making ‘fat-bomb’ smoothies. Flynn helps me make a smoothie every day, and I find it the easiest way to get nutrient dense foods into him! The addition of healthy fats such as avocado and MCT oil are great for keeping you full, raising metabolic functioning - in turn helping with weight loss, good for digestive health, balancing hormones and improving energy (just to name a few!) This smoothie is also the perfect pregnancy or postpartum food as its highly nutritious and quick and easy to make!

Serves 1 mama and 1 toddler

1/2 large avocado 
300ml coconut milk (sometimes we use almond - I like nutty Bruce or pure harvest)
1 TBSP nut butter or tahini
Handful baby spinach leaves
1 TBSP linseeds seeds
1 TBSP hemp seeds 
1 tsp coconut MCT oil (an amazing healthy fat! omit for children under 1 - a child should only have 1/4 tsp daily so if they are drinking 1/4 of this smoothie it will work out the correct amount)
1 cup ice

Optional add in: sweetener such as dates, honey (for over 1 year) or maple syrup.

1 TBSP cacao powder

Collagen powder

A serve of protein powder (I like Teresa Cutter the Healthy Chef)

Blend and serve!

fat bomb smoothie