Preparing grains

preparing grains

Soaking nuts and grains

If you have been following me for a while you may have noticed that I always talk about soaking my grains/nuts. It may sound like a tedious task, however it is incredibly easy - all thats required is a little forethought and pre-preparation.
Legumes, grains and nuts contain phytic acid - which serves as the main storage form of phosphorus.
Phytic acid is seen as an ‘anti-nutrient’ as it inhibits mineral and nutrient absorption in the body. It mainly impairs the absorption of iron (not great when one of babies main minerals required is iron - or for vegetarians who rely on non-heme sources of iron), zinc, calcium, B vitamins and may promote mineral deficiencies.
Soaking and sprouting your nuts/seeds/grains/legumes will increase phytase activity. Phytase is an enzyme that assists in breaking down phytic acid.
There are many health benefits associated with soaking and sprouting - mainly that it makes the grain much easier to digest. Remember that babies have immature digestive systems- so we want to make this transition time as easy as possible for them! Studies also show an increase in folate, increase in B vitamins, increase in vitamin C and A, increase in protein content.
Soaking beans rather than buying canned varieties Is also beneficial as canned beans usually have a high sodium content and you’re missing the BPA found in cans. Its also much cheaper!
How? Before you go to bed the night before (or if necessary the morning before you make dinner- aim for 7-12 hours and beans 12-24 hours) I place the desired amount of nuts/seeds/grains/legumes into seperate nut milk bags and into a bowl of water so that its covering. (If you don’t have nut milk bags you can just put the grains straight into water it just means you have to strain it after). Then the next day I just strain the water and my grains are ready to use!
I then like to cook most of my grains in bone broth to further aid digestion :)
This is why foods such as overnight oats and chia pudding are amazing for you, as you are making the oats much easier to digest and all the works done for you the morning prior!
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