When is my baby ready for solids?

baby sitting ready for solids

I often hear mums talk about starting their baby on solids at a young age (under 6 months) because ‘they were grabbing my food’ or ‘they were watching me eat’ or to make them sleep better! And whilst I understand the thought process these mums were going through there are a few definitive things you should look out for prior to commencing solids.
1. The recommended age to introduce solids is 6 months. Now some magic button doesn’t happen at 6 months on the dot, and a lot of babies may not be ready until 8 months - so it maybe a bit earlier or a bit later according to these other signs.
2. Your baby should be able to sit up unsupported with good neck and head strength (that is without an aid such as a bumbo).
3. Loss of the ‘tongue thrust reflex’ or ‘extrusion reflex’ - this is present if when babies lips are touched the tongue automatically moves forward. While this reflex is active if baby is offered food it will appear your baby is pushing the food out with her tongue - often mistaken as a dislike for the food it is generally a sign that your baby is not yet ready. This reflex usually fades around 4 months of age.
4. Baby is developing a ‘pincer grasp’ where he/she can pick food up between thumb and forefinger
5. Baby is showing interest in meal times

When you and your baby are ready to begin your first foods journey please read my blog post on what foods to begin with.

Luka x