look after yourself mama

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Don’t forget yourselves mamas! We can get so caught up with making sure our babies have the best, most organic and nutritious food - but what are you eating?? This is something I have fallen guilty too many times.. living off sourdough bread and peanut butter for that quick fix. And while that’s fine in moderation - it’s not going to be providing you with the nutrients you need to function as a busy Mum (especially when sleep deprived!)
So my challenge to you is to think of a meal where you usually don’t eat well (for me it was lunch) and to MEAL PREP!! a simple way I have combatted this is that when I’m meal prepping dinner or baby food, I’ll cut up some vegetables for me too and chuck them in the oven with coconut oil - things like beetroot, sweet potato, pumpkin, chickpeas, cauliflower or steamed broccoli (these vegetables can also obviously be used as baby food as well for baby led weaning, or mashed for spoon feeding - killing two birds with one stone!). I’ll also make a pot of quinoa (cooked in bone broth)! Then I store them all in containers in the fridge - they easily all last a week.

Then at lunch I make a super nutritious nourish bowl! I use whatever veggies I’ve found that week at the market, I add the quinoa, some good fat like avocado, sauerkraut (yummy and good for gut health) and then I’ll add a protein - usually an egg, or haloumi, salmon or tuna or whatever meat is leftover from dinner the previous night! I try and aim that 70% of my plate is veggies!
And remember, monkey see - monkey do! Your kids will watch you eating this nutritious food and see this as the norm! I will always make this for my toddler Flynn who will happily eat a ‘deconstructed’ nourish bowl - as long as no foods are touching each other 🙈😂